Saturday, November 18, 2006

fun activities

Well, if the Internet is going to be here, it might as well make me happy.

I say this because lately I've been struggling with addiction. Not the kind that robs you blind or keeps you from having meaningful relationships--although as Janice, Kate, P-Len and Cameron can attest, today I did begin my gambling addiction with a little "Set for Life" with the girls. So maybe I shouldn't speak so fast, but as far as I can tell right now, my addictions are relatively harmless. But that doesn't stop them from being addictive! I'm talking about Facebook, blogs, emails, and all the other nonsense on this old web that tends to keep me coming back for more, and not always sure why.

So since I didn't win the little friendly stare-eyes competition with the Internet (it always wins! damn automatons that don't blink) I figured I must concede. But that won't stop me from using it for my own fun and indulging in making lists with all y'all, so without further ado...

Pleasant Diversions!

(i.e. procrastination, what you do for fun on a Saturday morning or a Tuesday afternoon, the little joys in life that are free or else under 20 bucks, treats for the self for passing a really hard test or for no real reason at all, et cetera...)

My five favorites:
  1. Internet coloring books. Save above image and then print it off. Use crayons or glitter pens or if you're feeling particularly adventurous/messy, finger paint with real hot chocolate. You might want to do that last one in the privacy of your own home, unless you are in fact six years old. This ties in with Janice's latest post about how awesome kids can be, and how we often--we being college students, of course--don't see many little kids, and tend to forget that all the other age groups exist.
  2. Fashion magazines, whether sassy or conformist. Just make sure you've got a shaker of salt in your Fendi imitation handbag--and maybe some Gloria Steinem for good measure--and you'll be alright.
  3. Hot chocolate. Either mixed at home or topped with whipped cream from your local coffee shop. Nothing better.
  4. The Red Room at the library--as Jan said, the sense that you're trespassing in some old rich man's personal library, which besides for the trespassing, is true, since it was Lord Beaverbrook's personal collection.
  5. Sunny days in November. Rare, and short, so I'm going to get out of the house and into one of them.
Now you.

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