Tuesday, September 19, 2006

happy tuesday to you!

I know this is more of a winter-time picture --port and chocolate-- but hey. I'm having a great old day so far and I just wanted to post something that looked as delicious as this day feels already.

Divine Brown is on for the second time this morning. This is a CD that I took out of the library on a whim, not knowing who she was, just responding to the CD cover, thinking "I tend to like the music that black ladies make," and have so far loved so much that I think I might be getting sick of it. But not yet. Her cover of Joni Mitchell's "Help Me" is fantastic, just enough beats that it is a new rendition, but also just enough of the old song that you know what it is.

Also, this lj post of Rabi's (I've been a loyal fan of hers for years now, so I think I can call her by her first name, rather than "wockerjabby") which inspired me to write today, I just realized is called "hooray for Tuesday", which is another nice little piece of synchronicity. The parts I liked were:

by the time I got home it was much later than I thought, so I couldn't go to rugby. normally that would be bad, but now it means I get to have dinner with tom and spend the evening with him. yay for vegetarian chinese takeout and netflix! (then a have to do a landslide of reading, but it's okay, I like reading.)

"justin timberlake is under a ... strange impression on 'sexyback,'... where he bafflingly claims to be 'bringing sexy back.' does anything need bringing back less than sexy? it's like proposing to bring back petroleum, or the NFL."

I'm going to remember her words every time I think grudgingly of all the reading I have to do (which is fairly often), because 5-year-old me would have killed--or at least given up some sort of privilege--to be able to do nothing but read all day.

Also, yeah, Justin? Baby, sexy is as back as it's going to get.

Also, the weather is perfect today, and by perfect I mean gloomy, overcast and wet, with leaves coming off trees. It's a preview of November, albeit one without colored leaves, still mostly green. But it's just the kind of day I've been waiting for. I do love sunny days too, but there's something about gloomy ones, you can be inside and not feel bad about it. I'm going to ignore the CBC man who says it's going to clear.

And yes, I can't go any longer without mentioning this, (and I do hope if he takes umbrage to it, he'll forgive me), one big ol' wonderful reason I'm so damn happy is.. Dan. I know I'm breaking my own rule of waiting a good long time into a relationship to mention the person on the Internet, but since I don't think either of us is going anywhere else any time soon, I reckon it's alright. All the little ways we breach the distance between Vancouver and Fredericton makes me feel as special and fantastic as if I got to eat port and chocolate brownies every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only this is better, because there aren't any calories.

On to Tuesday! And just because I like interaction with my readers so damn much, tell me: what makes today special for you? (Make something up even if there isn't anything, trust me, it makes your whole day.)

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