Saturday, August 12, 2006

it's cold in Cape Breton! and other observations

So it's been a week since Ohio, wow! Mat and I are hanging out after dinner, we just looked at some blogs and giggled over silliness people put on the Internet*, as well as sent an email to all our relatives that we saw at the reunion. Now Mat is doing the dishes to clean up after the meal I made (broccoli, zucchini, chicken in a peanut sauce, with rice) and we might go for a walk. The air is cool, it feels like fall. I wear cords and a hoodie, and look out the windows of the sun porch at the far mountain where the sun is setting. The top line of the mountain is lit up, the last place the sun will shine in North River today. I can see a bit of smoke where a neighbour has lit a wood-fire. The weather forecast on CBC Radio says that tomorrow will be a high of 19 degrees, chilly!

I'm really not ready to leave Cape Breton. The other day (while having my now-requisite coffee at work) I was having this intense desire to not return to school in the fall--now don't worry, of course I'm going back, but just listen--and live in a little farmhouse in a valley filled with deciduous trees, where I could wake in the morning to cool air, frost on the grass, and hot coffee, and watch the leaves turn color. Part of this fantasy is also driving around in an old Volvo and having some job that is interesting but only slightly. This won't happen but I like to go there in my head when things get stressful -- which they do, sometimes! -- and pretend it will happen.

At least I can think to myself that I'm coming back here for Celtic Colors! And Flook will be playing... huzzah!

Ah, me. Sort of in response to Janice's post about change, and sort of just because this is what's on my mind lately, but hey...change is interesting, eh? No, but really. Actually, I don't want to wax poetic on the nature of change, but it sure is part of life. Or, something. (Janice, can you take over now?)

Mat is making fun of the Cottars and extricating a kitten from the screen door, where it climbed up too high. We're going to have mint tea now. And that's my contribution to the greater good--err, the blogosphere.

*I realize fully that I am one of these people. Whatever.

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