Monday, June 19, 2006

reporting live from the Kerr family farm for geriatric animals!

Who would ever have thought this day would come!? Here I am, sitting on the loveseat in Kathy and Donald's living room, typing away on a sexy, sleek little Acer laptop while Christie (the old dog) snores away as usual. The TV is on (satellite dish, baby!) and I'm watching Debbie Travis' Facelift, a design show like all the other reality shows that takes people's old and crappy [somethings] and replaces it with newer, and better [somethings]. This time its the first floor of an apartment belonging to two gay men living in some chic urban city. It has the usual combination of great style, borderline moments when it seems everything is going to go wrong, and stressed-out workers applique-ing circles when it should be squares, or something like that. I've just eaten my usual sort of dinner, steamed veggies, lentils and rice, and hummous and salsa, and in a bit when I have digested I will go for my evening walk. It's still a beaut of an evening, the sun is shining and will continue to do so til about 9 or so. Only another few days til Solstice--these are the longest days of the year. So, welcome, Internet friends, to my summer existence!

It's been an interesting first two weeks. The first week was almost as stressful as one of those design shows: Shape Shift Pottery, Week One! There was an opening to prepare for (a party we throw every year to welcome our friends to the new season), not much money to work with, and the somewhat-discouraging low numbers of tourists coming in. But, it's only June, and this is never a busy month around here. The weather was also kind of dreary, but it has perked up since then. The opening went well, so that was good for Deanie's and my morale. This last week was better, although still not a heap of people on the roads. Deanie sat me down at the wheel and pretty much made me get over my problem with centering the clay (the necessary first step in throwing on the potter's wheel) by doing it over and over again, something I hadn't really done before due to my apprehension of using up Deanie's clay. She told me not to worry about it, and to take the time to work on my own stuff, which eases my mind. I'm starting to act more like an apprentice, even if I'm not *really* one.

The weather is getting better, too. The past few days have been gorgeous, just absolutely super--sunny, wide open days with lots of breeze. I had two days off and spent the first one here at the Double K (so to speak--her name is Kathy Kerr), biking along an almost sparkling Cabot Trail, visiting a few shops in the little blue truck, and reading my book (Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes) while sitting in the sun and letting the light through my wine glass reflect beautiful red color onto the page. Then last night I came to Mum's, and spent today around Baddeck with her and Mat, visiting the torture chamber (my lovely waxer, Shauna M, who reminds me of Sandra Bullock and who gives me a peppermint patty when we are done) and the coffee shop, as well as having lunch at the Herring Choker. (Its name doesn't reveal how cool a bulk-foods/healthy-breakfast-and-lunch-cafe it is. I don't know where the name comes from, but I'm guessing a fishing source somewhere?)

North River, honestly, charms me. I came up here in kind of a funk, which I'm not going to play up or discuss too much except to say that things are on the up. Probably it's the weather, which entices me to take long walks in the evening, down into the field (letting bug spit clog my toes and picking bits of clover to chew on) and along the dirt roads of the area. It also has something to do with the community, which might be small but is tighter-knit than, well, Mum's hand-knit socks.

And, of course, we have the dish, so tonight I will most likely be watching some of the game...and cheering on Edmonton, no doubt. Some weird sense of patriotism causes me to hope a Canadian team I know nothing about beats an American team I know nothing about to win a cup named Stanley, also something I know next to nothing about. Actually, I'm really split on it, since half of my family (and some of my dearest friends) are Americans. So, I'm happy (or sad) no matter who wins. I think I'll watch some of it, then head upstairs to read my book and let the breeze in my bedroom through the screened windows. But not for long, or the no-see-ums will get in and harangue me while I try and get to sleep.

Only a week and some left til Canada Day! "Gentlemen, start your engines," and get those maple-flag decals and temporary tattoes ready. It's nearly time to make Baddeck history!

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