Thursday, May 11, 2006

what's up, wha

This is Peterborough, New Hampshire, taken from this site, thank you. I will have my own photos once I get back, since my camera is not digital. Right now the area is very lush, all the trees have had leaves out for about a week, so people say. Apple blossoms, lilacs, and all sorts of colorful bushes I don't know the names of fill the yards of pretty saltbox houses and brick buildings, and line the wet streets. The sky is overcast, and every now and again it drizzles, but that doesn't matter to me at all.

At the moment I'm hanging out with Jennie Barenholtz, Einar's sister (and the wonderful gal I was able to hang out with in Australia a few years ago), while Einar does his stuff. He and I got in last night after a quick stop in PEI to see Patti Garcia and her family, and take in the Charlottetown downtown. We were planning to stay there a few days but Einar was getting anxious to get back to his work and all the projects (bees, moving, work at the Mill building) he has on the go, so we drove yesterday from Charlottetown straight through Maine to southern NH. That was a wet, fast trip, with a small snag at the border (they thought maybe I was trying to sneak into the US to get married, haha HA) but that was fine in the end.

I was here a few years ago, so it's really nice to be back. I know a few people and the ones I don't know are very sweet and friendly right off the bat. Imagine Cape Breton with more money and more New England charm. I'll stay here tomorrow too and then probably take off Saturday to head to Boston, where I'll stay with my father's cousin Nancy and her family. Another day and then I'll get on a train to New York City (yeeah!) and then to New Jersey.

Although I was sick when I started this trip, and wary of the whole travelling thing (you know how it can get if you haven't done something in a while), I'm so glad I'm doing it. Nothing like old friends and breaking the monotony by stepping out to somewhere new...or not so new.

Anyway, I must research my travel options for the next week or so. Onwards and upwards! Love to you all.

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