Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the great [green] north

The leaves are not as far along as the New England states, but we're still trucking along, getting spring on its way as fast as we can. It's all about expediency! Or is that growth...

Well, in the meantime, I'm home again. It was a good Victoria Day weekend (and is that meant to be for Queen Victoria, or the BC city where my good friends are right now, the Reid Street contingent?), Mat and I hung out with Dad, took a bike ride into Baddeck on a sunny morning (which is a great little trip, all along the Bras d'Or lake) and hung out with our 95-year-old neighbour Jimmy MacKillop. I really treasure the older folks in my life: my four grandparents (Paul, Isabel, Michelle and Roland), Neil MacMullin (my Fredericton landlord, 91), and Jimmy. Jimmy grew up in this area and has all kinds of stories about it, about the days when Alexander Graham Bell was here, and the sailing boats on the lake, and all that. He usually serves us King Cole tea with cream, and some sort of snack: oatmeal raisin cookies, or some sort of square. It's always a good time visiting with him.

I'm also putting together a scrapbook of all my pictures (and hence, my life) since 2004. I hadn't put any of those into an album or anything, and they were languishing in a crate downstairs. It's a lot of fun to tape pictures into this book, to use gel pens to write things and cut out other mementos and stick it in. I remember now why I used to love doing collage so much!

I've started reading "Sense and Sensibility", and am thinking of Marlo (since she loves that book) and Janice, who took the Jane Austen class at STU last year. Any other Janeites in the audience?

I miss the places I visited on my trip but all the same, it is good to be home. The beauty and frustration of life is that you can't hang on to the past and you have no idea what is to come. I have no new insight on this human condition, but I'm trying my best to be cool with it.

Any suggestions for books to add to my summer reading list? I'm taking them all and seeing what the Baddeck library can supply me with this summer.

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