Thursday, March 2, 2006

home soon

These are two of Mum's three cats. Cassis is on the left and Bubbinette the right. No, I'm not turning into one of those blogs about a person's pets, God forbid. I'm posting this picture because

(a) it is pretty
(b) I'm going home tomorrow! For a whole week! Mind you, it won't be all leafed out like that picture, but there will be cats and it will be home.

Since the last post, schoolwork, choir and other assorted activities have kept me busy. I'm sorting out my summer plans, talking to Deanie about getting a raise (I told her if I don't, I'm not coming back this summer--harsh, but true), and also trying to sort out the next two years of this degree. There are lots of options, and with my good marks (knock wood) lots of doors are open to me. That's the problem--I've got the brains, but I need focus. That will come. I'm trying not to worry about it all, and think: "There is no wrong choice."

Schoolwork is interesting these days too. I just wrote a paper on the philosophy of David Hume (yes, it was titled "Hume and Being: The Repercussions of Radical Skepticism"--groan, I know), and am engaged in a big project with a partner for the Environmental Policy class, a discourse and power analysis of ecological preserves. Yesterday I called a colleague of my professor for some information and had a nice chat. You know you're doing the right thing when you don't feel you're doing schoolwork, but rather searching out information that you'd want to know anyway.

And as for what I had for dinner last night, since that is what keeps people coming back for more, Marlo and I made a golden-veggie soup,and it was delicious: squash, carrot, yam, potato, onion, garlic and leek, all simmered together til they become mush, and then run through the blender with some milk and water to make a velvety-creamy soup. I'm going to have some for lunch today, along with a few slices of Happy Baker-bread for toast.

I'll try and seek out something controversial over the break, so I can post about it and maybe even swear a little.

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