Wednesday, December 7, 2005

paint can brain

If you were to take my brain right now and (imagining this, not actually doing it) shake it all up like a can of paint in a Home Hardware store, and then (OK, this is getting a little weird, but bear with me) paint with what came out, you'd end up with a mural with drag queens speaking Shakespeare, the ancient philosophy of Aristotle and Plato spoken by men wearing togas strung up with Christmas lights, and technicolor dreams of home and ice skating.

Also, it's cold enough here that going outside takes a major decision. That, and needing groceries bad enough that you wrap a scarf around yourself and brave it. (But then downtown is a relief to the studying mind, with its lit storefronts, scurrying townspeople holding shopping bags, and bookstores to lounge in for a few minutes while waiting for the bus.)

Home=T - 7 days!

PS I'm an arts student; is that the correct equation?

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