Wednesday, September 7, 2005


It's been busy. But in a good way. I landed here on Sunday night, Mum drove me up and I moved in, crashed to sleep and then woke at 7 to have breakfast with Neil (my 90-year-old landlord, who is amazingly spirited), Mum and Marlo (my new room-mate, a quiet girl from Texas who loves crazy music and Philosophy)...Mum took off, drove home. I should mention here that the last week before summer ended I met A Boy...I really like him, so of course my last week at home was spent up til all sensible late and even not so sensible late hours, doing things like playing Cribbage, swimming in star-lit ponds, talking...right up until I absolutely had to go. Like 7 am on the day when I had to leave at 8 am with Mum...

And then we got here to Fredericton, sunbathed and happy (Mum and I detoured on a few side trips on the way here, visited a vineyard and a beach park on the Northumberland Strait) and I unpacked and have spent the last few days seeing old friends, walking places, getting groceries, turning my little room into my nest again. Talking to the Boy. Making plans to see one another. (He lives a fair distance away in a metropolitan French Quebec city...bothersome.) Getting ready to go back to school, which begins tomorrow at 8:30.

Tonight I met Steph for dinner at the Lunar Rogue, a great little pub on King Street. She is a writing major at UNB, and we talked and talked about life, architecture, getting drunk with poetry professors, gasoline prices, cheesecake...everything. What a great way to spend the last moments of summer.

OK. Now I have to go to bed. "Women Writers I" tomorrow at 8:30...woot!

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