Wednesday, September 14, 2005

squeezing squirrels!

How time does fly when classes you like fill it up! Today it was like a sped-up video of a clock, time was going that fast. In Sociology Professor Clow started singing, sort of a tragic-comic version of Kimble (North River's town drunk) crossed with a Vaudeville actor, and when he stopped, the class in some kind of shock, I started clapping, and then we all did. He took a theatrical bow. Awesome.

In Philosophy, Dr. Craig raced through the Pre-Socratics, stopping at one point to talk about water. He was actually talking about Thales, and how he deduced that water is the essential element of all things: "He noticed that when you squeeze things, even things that look solid, water sometimes comes out. Like sponges...or squirrels!"

Then after lunch with the darling Krista, Meaghan, and Gill, I went to English, where we took a grammer quiz and I told my table-mates about how in Cape Breton, English is under a shift. For example, "bet" is used as the past tense of "beat", as in "I bet him up yesterday after school". I wish I was kidding.

Now I am off to the grocery store with my room-mate Michelle, who has a car. I will get a big bag of potatoes, because normally this is too heavy to carry up the hill myself. Yay cars! (The irony of this last statement, in juxtaposition with my environmental views, is not lost on me. Thanks, college education.)

Must run!

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