Wednesday, May 18, 2005

to the greater metropolitan area of new york!

I am nearly packed, which is a record for me. There are still many hours til we leave for New York, and I already know what I need and where it is, and most of it is in the bag! Amazing. I also have dirty hair--I think I'll wash it soon. I was reading an interesting illustrated children's book called "Metropolis" this morning at breakfast--they describe, illustrate and discuss a city of the world per century from 1000 AD to now. Did you know that coal was first mined in the 1200's? I didn't. In England, no less.

The weather is chilly. I'll have to get to bed early, as we're leaving at something like 4 am. I'm looking forward to splurging a little on a magazine for the plane ride, something like Glamour or Vogue. Maybe Vanity Fair, the magazine that my friend Morgan P. describes as "the glossy with brains". I've also tweezed my eyebrows and am feeling just a little glamourous, just a little ready for New York City. I'd like to see the Guggenheim. I've never been there, and the shiny silver contours of it (that I've seen in pictures) beckon.

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