Sunday, May 29, 2005

back roads and fiddleheads

The computer reset right at the end of a long post I had for you all.

It was all about how I'd been driving on back roads lately, going to Uisge Ban Falls with my Dad, out to Mabou with Mum to see kittens, and then fiddlehead picking in our secret spot in Big Baddeck. Lots of dirt roads, lots of old back roads where the pavement is buckling and split in places from frost heave. I also spent last night hanging out with my (and Janice's!) dear friend Catriona. We drank red wine, ate sweet squares, and watched "Pride and Prejudice"--all 4 hours of it. What a night!

So I wrote this long post and then of course I nudged the computer box (which is old and unstable, poor dear) and the moniter went black. I let out a few choice words (like "friggity frig") and then took a deep breath and started anew.

(And the reason the spaces are so large is that I copied and pasted this from WordPad, so it somehow managed to make the "Enter" key double. Don't even ask me how.)

Well, anyway. It's been a good few days. The island's weather is tending towards less gloomy--we actually had sunshine today! The trees' buds are coming out now, so that the hills are a sort of pale green, not yet the full strength of summer, but a hazy color. And picking fiddleheads--which I intend to blanche, then freeze, then take to Fredericton in the fall--made me feel like Mum and I were members of some ancient tribe, foraging in the forest, down by the river flats.

Next week I move to North River, so this week I'm preparing. Figuring out what food to get, what foods I'll need for lunches, quick breakfasts, tidy but delicious suppers. Thinking about getting the bike up there. Thinking about clothes, especially for work, where I'll need comfortable, not-too-hot but not-too-cool jeans that can also get muddy, and tee shirts the same. Now that the weather's nice, it feels like there's some hope for a good summer with nice hot weather! We'll all set our "traps" and wait for the tourists to catch the bait...

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