Saturday, April 30, 2005

saturday afternoon...

...finds me back at the packing. Turns out roving me had the upper hand this morning and I joined Stephanie at the downtown weekend market with Janice and Patti. We ate low-fat cherry cheesecake in the sun, then walked to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery to check out the Dali. (Remember that one?) On the way I ran into Shannon (check out her live journal on the list at left) and we formed a gang. Coming back through the city we saw that the river has risen higher than I'd thought: threatening the art gallery and the library, not cool M. Fleuve St. Jean!! It's a little freaky, it's gotten so wide and brown, and there are tips of bushes sticking out where the walking trail used to be. And we're supposed to get more rain on Sunday!

Hmm. A city that floods. But still--I will miss you, Freddy!

Back at the packing. Here I go.

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