Monday, January 24, 2005

making the headlines


Cold weather doesn't let up, and that's OK: We are discovering remedies against the chill, which include a lot of longjohn-wearing and a scarf-wrapping technique I've personally dubbed "The Pita", since I'm wrapped nearly as well as one. Another way to enjoy the cold is to remember it doesn't last forever, and to appreciate the light of early evening, the way it glows otherworldly when the full moon is coming up into a light purple sky over pure white snow, and the sidewalk underfoot crunches and squeaks with every step. And last but not least, I've been enjoying the outside from inside, by making chicken soup, or muffins, by listening to soft music as the snow falls, by having movie nights with friends, and by planning shopping trips.

Schoolwork doesn't let up, and that's also OK: It's funny how the brain will do anything to avoid doing schoolwork. I've been working against my very strong urges to get away from the ever-incoming tide of tests, assignments, homework and assorted other obligations. It's tough work when the armchair is so inviting and the books to read look so interesting! But, as Grandmaman once said to me, 'my priority is to have my nose in a book', and that's textbook, not novel. Also, the little sign I've tacked above my mirror that says "Do yer work, kid!!" helps.

The strike's off: The professors and the administration have reached a deal. Tentatively.

To sum up: It's cold here, there's lots of schoolwork to do, but I'm happy, my friends are darlings, and the moon is nearing full. I'll keep you posted.

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