Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Still recovering a bit from the holidays and the heap of travel I was able to do, so I'm just going to say that I will write a better account of Wooster as soon as I can, (in the next couple of days), that I'm back to classes and that I took a long nap today. Hurray for naps! It is also very cold in Fredericton, minus 17 but the wind chill makes it feel like minus 27. (That's Celsius.)

This is the official Noble family website, which my uncle Eric has been tending since the last reunion in 1992. There are pictures of the reunion here, the ones taken by Eric. I think there are many more to be added. And this shot is one of my favorites, it's me and my brother and Dad, and aunt and cousins, and Eric's partner Joe. I'm the one with the pink scarf. You can see Wooster's unseasonable bare ground behind us. This is cousins attempting to play 'crack the whip'. And this is dear Aunt Alice, with her brother Clayton in the sled, being pushed by her grand-daughter Katherine.

So, like I said, more later, I promise. Cross my heart, scout's honor, all that.

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