Sunday, January 16, 2005

back in the proverbial saddle

So after a heady, fabulous weekend in Wooster, Ohio (where I met wonderful family and had a great time feasting, ice-skating, yabbering on, enjoying the outdoors (thanks for that, Andrew!) and generally experiencing Wooster and the Nobles) I returned to Fredericton and the life of a student.

There's lots of work to be done, and people to see and catch up with, and I'm able to temper busy-ness with down-time. At the moment I'm in a sort of 'hermit' mindset, so no epiphanies or reminiscent, roguish ramblings for now. I'm letting the experience of everything I've just come through settle, and see how it changes me. There's also the fact that the classes I'm in seem harder than last semester, and that is certainly true for the Latin course, which has moved from 'baby' Latin, as Dr. Jenkins called it, to 'intermediate' Latin. Sometimes I wonder, "Yikes! How did I get myself into this?" But then again, that's how the best adventures start.

Yes, that's me--the girl who thinks learning Latin is an adventure.

In other news, last night was Saturday night and I gave it the fun it was due. A bunch of us went to see K-os, the socially-aware, beautiful and beat-boxing hiphop artist from Toronto. Then to the Social Club upstairs where we were hoping he'd show up, however, no dice, so on to the 'pink' party at Janice's house. There, most of the partying had died down and some fellows from the local army base at Gagetown were engaged in debate with some of the resident female university students about feminism, gay rights and religion. (Or was it all hot air?) Interesting and fun to watch, as it was kind of like a wrestling match crossed with a Parliamentary debate. I ate pink mints and looked on. Around 4 am, after deciding pizza places were probably not open at that hour, we made our way home.

And such is my life at the moment. Things sort of happening, sinking in, being done, presenting challenges, inspiring me. I'm steering the boat one day at a time (as Mum says).

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