Wednesday, December 8, 2004

in today's news...

"Stricken by a mysterious illness that has left his face a mask of puffy, red cysts and lesions, Yushchenko said to the crowd, "This is the face of today's Ukraine."--Harper's.

Canada's Strippergate continues. And the rest of the world makes headlines, too.

We woke this morning to something like 7-8 cm of snow on the ground, the sky gray. I made coffee and pancakes, Patti ate an egg and toast. While I was answering emails just now freezing rain began, and I can hear the little icy splats against the windowpane as I type. I think I might have more coffee. And then, after my mug is sufficiently warmed, I will open the Latin and continue on, studying, filling my brain, re-awakening the knowledge I put in there over the past three months, letting it stretch a bit. Prodding it like a mum: "Come on, 3rd declension i-stem nouns, it's time to go to school." "But I don't want to, and look, it's snowing..."

Yes, that's right, I'm going to bundle my little Latin verbs up with scarves, and put them on the little Latin bus. Or is that omnibus? OK, I've really gone over the edge.

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