Wednesday, December 15, 2004

the done and the undone

--exams! every single last one of them. They went like this:
--English, open book, essay questions about poems and stories. Enjoyable.
--Biology, cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Long.
--Political Science, the UN, China's rise to global prominence. Lengthy.
--Latin, harder than I thought, like little puzzles. Fun once I got into it.
--Psychology, multiple choice, easier than I thought it would be.

--first term of university! and my how it flew. Didn't I just get here? Isn't it still September?
--Most of my Christmas shopping. Thanks in this regard to Fredericton Public Transit, the Dollar Store, and the Owl's Nest Book Store. Don't worry, nobody's present is from the Dollar Store.

--packing for the Christmas holidays:
(--St John on Friday, for two days--Gill's birthday!--Cape Breton by Sunday if the weather holds, then a crazy party on Monday--by Thursday I'll be on a train to Quebec City, and spending the Big Day of Trees and Presents there, then on the 29th taking the train to Moncton--bus to Fredericton, then New Year's Eve will be spent here, spent like shiny new coins--then classes start the 3rd!--whew. Must catch my breath.)

--wrapping said presents.
--relaxing post exams.
--one last walk in my sweet Odell Park before I leave Fredericton, which has become my little world, microcosm if you will.

And by the way:
--it is a beautiful day here in Fredericton. The sun shines, the snow is thick, white and criss-crossed with shadows of trees. (The snow underfoot squeaked as I walked to school, as the sun was rising, a little after 8 am. Down in the valley the river, the steeples, and the town hall glowed a little pink-ish.) The sky is that painted-on robin's-egg-blue, which will fade in a few hours to dusk, in clear tones, as the air chills. Today, it's all possible. I have jazz playing, I'm done a term of university, and jubilation has never known a more willing companion!

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