Monday, November 29, 2004

how many more sleeps?

This is the last week of classes. Next week, also known as "reading week" will be taken up by studying. Then exams begin. Then they will be over and it will be Christmas break. How quickly this has come along.

Last night my choir went to the midnight mass expecting to sing only two carols that we had practiced, and we ended up joining the church choir and singing all the pieces for the service, along with them. It was quite an experience--being up on the stage looking out over the congregation. I was standing directly behind the priest, and could hear his half-whispers as he muttered over the chalice of wine that represented the blood of Christ, and saw the round disc of communion bread from behind as he held it up. "This is the body of Christ," he intoned before breaking it into bits.

From the stage, I could see everyone's faces lit up by the small candles they were holding. The large windows of the chapel were dark and there were small candles all around the pulpit. There was one soprano with the church choir whose voice just soared, and it would fly above the murmuring melody we produced. After, there was a reception and I was able to soothe my strained throat with hot apple cider and a few sweet, small cookies. Then, Patti and I walked home through the misting night.

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