Saturday, October 23, 2004

this is a break

It is midterm time. I have a Latin one next Wednesday, and a Political Science one on Thursday. I just had a Biology one on Friday. In English we aren't having them, and in Psychology it was split into two. (Had one half a little while ago, the other half is in a week and a half.)

Yesterday after writing my biology and then having Latin class, I took the bus downtown and did a few errands. One was to take some money out of my account; so I went to the York Credit Union on King Street and used the ATM. I was feeling a bit loose around the edges, a bit stressed over exams and studying, a bit sad about the homeless people for whom I didn't have coins, didn't have a solution. You know how it is, when you let the woes of the world overtake you, as if you're personally responsible for each person you pass.

I used the ATM and counted my money, as always--but there was a gaudy red 50$ sticking, literally, like a sore thumb, out of the green twenties. I tried to pretend everything was normal, tucked it all in my wallet. I stood on the street for a bit, looking to passersby as though I was waiting for someone, wondering what I ought to do. Return the money, and lose 30$? Leave, but feel dishonest? I took some books to the nearby library, and walked back. I decided to do the honest thing. If it were a large conglomerate bank with millions to spare on a random mechanical mistake, then fine, but this was the credit union, a local institution running for and by its members. I belong to a credit union back home. I know, a bit of a silly reason to return 30$, but there you go.

I went in, and went up to the teller. Told her what had happened. "Oh, was it a fifty in change of a twenty?" She asked.

"Mm, yes, I--"

"Well, you can keep it then. Last week was 'credit union week', and we put some fifties in the 20 slot of the ATM, and so it's yours."


"It's good to see there are some honest people out there!" Said the teller next to her. "Are you a struggling student?"

"Yes, I'm--yes, I am."

"Well then, it's your lucky day."

I walked out into the street, nearly crying, a bit grin split across my face.

The stress is still here, but I'm holding it at bay. The trees are glowing, as Claire puts it, with fall colour, and I went out to the SUB (Student Union Building) last night for a dance, and had a great time, and today went to the market with Morgan. (We also went to dinner last night, treated ourselves to a meal at the Snooty Fox, where the draught beer flows and the potatoes, meat pies, fries, ribs and philly steak burgers are superb. Morgan's from Regina, she's also in her first year here at STU, and we met on the first day.) At the market today I bought cranberries, turnips, yogurt, eggs, bread and crabapple preserves, which are sitting, bewitching, on my pantry shelf.

Now, back to Latin! Hic, haec, hoc, huius, huius, huius, huic, huic, huic, hunc, hanc, hoc*...

*Special thanks to Janice for the correction on this one...I won't embarrass you like Jenkins did. But you do get an A+!!

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