Thursday, October 28, 2004

don't just sit there, read something!!

I am so happy right now it is not even fit.

--Finished midterms with my political science one, and felt so confident and wonderful writing it, not to mention amorous of the material.

--Went with my delightful friend Alicia for hot chocolate and pizza at the campus cafeteria. Giggled a lot, dipped our pizza crusts into our hot chocolates, and talked about our love for Fredericton.

--Went to the third annual Dalton Camp lecture, held here on the STU campus, broadcast live on Ideas, a CBC program. This year it was given by Naomi Klein, an amazing journalist and eloquent speaker, a Canadian, an author, and a probing and intelligent thinker. It was held in the chapel of George Martin Hall, which was packed to the gills, 600+ people. I got there early and was lucky to be up near the front, and we watched people file in and settle down for an hour. Outside the tall glass windows, the sky turned that lustrous indigo between dusk and twilight, entre le chien et loup, (correct me if I'm wrong on that one, Grandmaman) and soon it was dark and the chapel was filled. Talk buzzed among the pews. Then, Naomi took the microphone (after introductions and all that jazz) and her well-chosen and smart words came forth.

The title of the lecture was "War and Fleece: How Economic Shock Therapy Backfired in Iraq", and I won't go into it right now, not only because I couldn't hope to be as succinct or poetic as she was, but also because it is late and I don't want to bore those readers who (a) are already all up on their Iraq issues or (b) don't care. If you are (b), I suggest you educate yourself, and so here are some handy links. I will give a variety, so that not just one view is expressed. Have fun with it!

--Iraq Occupation Focus. (Campaigning to end the occupation of Iraq. Some esteemed scholars and journalists write here.)
--New York Times. (Committed to quality coverage of a variety of events.)
--American White House. (The official line.)
--Media Transparency. (Exposing the man behind the curtain.)
--Baghdad Burning. (A blog by a woman in Iraq. Powerful.)
--Foreign Affairs. (Published by the Council of Foreign Relations.)
--Oddfellow--another blog. (A Texan against Bush. Interesting read.)

So today was another great day. I hope they continue like this. Thanks to the great spirit/God/goddess/great nothing--whatever you want to call it. I am at peace with it. That's right.

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