Friday, October 1, 2004

completely off existence

"I'm writing today completely off existence," says a guy who walks behind me into the computer lab. I wonder how you'd do that, anyway. Would you go home and burn all evidence that today existed? Tell all your flatmates not to mention October first, 2004, ever again to you, for health reasons? Perform a rudimentary self-lobotomy, hoping to get the bit that controls short-term memory?

Oh, silly me.

Eli has gone off, heading to points west. He stayed with me for the past two days, coming up with his brother and the band when they played Fredericton. (Also in the van were 5 boxes containing food for me and treats, namely, things I'd left behind--I felt like a kid at Christmas opening them and discovering big bags of rice, lentils, raisins, as well as clothes, shoes, my winter jacket, my favorite tweezers, that purse I lost at Evolve, and so on). Eli is also one of my brother's best friends, and so is a friend of mine and also surrogate little brother. Eli, if you're reading this, sorry I kept your hat, I will mail it to you wherever you want me to, and yes, I did shed a few tears when you took off with Troy this morning heading for Montreal. But dammit! it reminds me of myself two years ago, only I get hungrier than you do, and am not such a fanatic about iced tea.

Now, it is time for Latin class, and this evening I will do some yoga (it's been so long! I cannot wait) and clean my fingernails and do all the work I've been putting off, and sleep early, and tomorrow is the farmer's market and choir and... but I'm getting ahead of myself. In time, in time.

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