Thursday, September 9, 2004

singing in the rain, playing by ear

Check the weather, folks: Frances indeed has left us with some has been raining all day. At least, I've been able to borrow Patti's umbrella, which affords me a little comfort for the walk to and from uni. It has a neat pattern of water droplets on it, very big, and they kind of look like the Pepsi logo. Oh, well.

So today I had my first two classes, Literature and a political science course called Law, Power and Global Politics. The instructor of the latter is a swarthy man who looks like he would be at home in a medaeval castle as the lord of the manor; he frowns then smiles then furrows his brow in a rapid, everchanging display of facial expressions. I like him already, he is mildly self-deprecating and seems to know his stuff. He also didn't disparage a student for asking if CNN was a good source for unbiased news (err, umm)... merely said, "well, it's important to get a range of sources."

Tonight, as it is so gloomy, I think I will go home and stay there, take a hot bath and go to bed early. Patti had a cold earlier in the week and now Michelle and I are both getting it, so I think some personal care is in order. There were plans in the works to either go to the Cellar (student bar on the UNB campus) or go downtown, but really, when it's raining like this, who wants to go out? Not I. I want to walk down Kings College Rd, quiet and slicked with fallen leaves, and sing some classy jazz tunes, low, to myself.

Check this out:, and check the links to the Common Ground Fair. I have a chance to go--what do you think? Looks pretty cool to me. Then again, we'll have to see about rides, money, class time and assignments.

As Dad used to say (I mean, still does), "We'll play it by ear."

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