Tuesday, August 10, 2004

back, and forth

Back from: Newfoundland, and a week and a half of not being anywhere near a computer. What happened was: (just briefly as I'm about to go to North Sydney and get my hair dyed red, and I dreamed about it last night, saw myself with hair too big and crazy and punky, a brilliant cherry color, running along a sunny seacoast), yes, what happened was Einar came to visit and we took his '82 diesel Rabbit and the ferry and were in Newfoundland for two whirlwind days, camping in mint fields (well, OK, just one), and dashing around, fueled by coffee, cigarettes, nutella and farm cheese. And besides for that, I've been in North River, working, seeing folks, doing the do. And now it's time to run off to the hair salon, so I shall post more posthaste.

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