Tuesday, June 15, 2004

testing, testing

Hrm. Any test that judges you by how you answer T or F to "I do not suffer" (and phrases it in such a way that you think it might be possible not to suffer) is, in my opinion, a bit demented. Nevertheless, such a test exists, and I was given 69, give or take my giving myself the benefit of the doubt on such questions as "There is no one whom I would dread or feel uncomfortable "bumping into" (In the street, at an airport or party)" or "I know how much I must have to be minimally financially independent and I have a plan to get there".

These are the diversions I allow myself on lazy days when the sky is grey. I'm making split pea soup (yum, yum) and no-one is home but me and hey--my hair is the way I want it and my bed is made daily! I'm on the fast track to success.

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