Saturday, April 24, 2004

turned 20, I done did

birthday activities:

--20 shots of white wine from a box, to start off the night right. And by right I mean quease-inducingly.
--heading to Shooter's, Jennie's bar, to dance and drink and ward off drunken come-ons by pretending I saw Paris Hilton across the room.
--running to three other bars to run in, dance, and leave again

activities since I've been in Surfer's, in no particular order:

--chasing down the elusive rare Alcatel 100 phone charger, which no-one seems to want or have.
--eating couscous, soy-linseed bread sandwiches, and muesli, and the odd cup of gelato
--swimming, tanning, swimming, tanning
--working out in the 'bark yard' made of Astro Turf to an old Black Eyed Peas album (before they sold out completely)
--having tea at the coffeehouse with Jennie and Bessie
--swimming, tanning, swimming, tanning
--trying to avoid buying things
--appreciating neon and the kind of fashion that comes straight from the mall
--reading "Pigs In Heaven" and old copies of The Economist stained with spilled alcohol

As you can see, it's been quite a stressful time here.

Tomorrow I get on the bus and head to Townsville, where I will hang out with Jacky and the kids she takes care of. I am looking forward to this.

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