Wednesday, March 24, 2004

soon: photos and some birthday cake

I finally got a battery and some film! In Wellington, my battery began the death that all batteries must eventually undergo, and nearly exploded inside my camera. Thankfully I realized this and plucked it out before there was too much damage. I haven't had a camera working and taking pictures since, which has had the side effect of turning my brain into a camera, which is good. Plus, Jacky takes heaps so I can get her doubles. But now I have three rolls of film and a working camera, and with my recent forced withdrawal from the picture-taking world, I will hopefully take less.

We're off to Christchurch tomorrow, staying the night and then off to Lake Tekapo. Then, after a night there, to Mt. Cook the next day, then back to Christchurch from where we fly out on the 30th, early early at 6 am. Somewhere in there Jacky's birthday will be celebrated!

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