Sunday, March 7, 2004

a laughing day

"I think this, this is good enough
And I try to laugh at whatever life brings
Because when I look down I just miss all the good stuff
And when I look up I just trip over things.."

This weekend was gloriously, luxuriously lethargic. It rained the whole time, so all plans to go to the beach were off. This meant that Saturday Mike and I did nothing but lie around talking and discussing sound systems (learning new things is fun, now I know about digital versus analog, from someone who really cares) and watching films (Buffalo Soldiers and Idiot Box, the former being giddily controversial in the US and the latter being giddily Australian in its entirety) and making supper (potato pancakes, rather, latkes)...

..then today, Sunday, we went to North Bondi (passing through my old neighbourhood, Bondi Junction) to meet Sarah and Yadira at a restaurant called Moorish, which is pretty much right on the (rainy) beach. Moorish seems to be known for being somewhat hip, its decor seemed like it was meant to be laidback chic, a lot of open space and interesting differences.. like the toilets, instead of being two seperate rooms, one for men and one for womenfolk, were instead six seperate cubicles, each with thier own sink and hand dryer.

Yadira was reviewing the joint for "Cover", the magazine she works for (and that I will be in!*) and so we took note of what we ate...I had the 'breakfast couscous with stewed plums, rosewater, yogurt and mint', with a flatwhite; Mike had the baked eggs with chipolatas and a side of potatoes (which was massive, not really a side at all); Sarah had the Jordanian sweet bread with apple butter, and Yadira had some kind of eggs with spinach and cumin. After we polished off our meals, we ordered more coffee, and after we'd lounged around drinking the endless refills of water we decided that just for the hell of it we would order champagne. The waiter (who I think thought we were a bit nuts anyway) looked at us with an eyebrow raised: "What's the occasion?" "Oh, none!"

I'm not going to tell you all what the bill came to. After this extravagant and hilarious morning I went to see Jacky in Pymble and hung out with her, doing chilled out things. Tomorrow is the beginning of my last week of work, hence I came home at a reasonable hour and will get to bed on time. It's slightly ironic that at the end of my three-month work time I am finally down to some moderate habits and have a lot of things under control; in three weeks I start travel again.

*Friday night, a bunch of us went to Space 3, an art gallery in Redfern, where the beer and chambers were free and the exhibit was graffiti by Blade, who's been around since the 70's. (He asked me what the script 'cblocals' on my hoodie said, when I met him and got him to sign the catalog for me, I told him about the Cape Breton punk rawk scene, word up.) Then we went drinking at The Clare Hotel (yes, I got coasters for Claire, how could I not?) and Yadira did a photo shoot for previously-mentioned magazine Cover. (Note: this magazine is currently only distributed in Hong Kong, although they want to start it in Sydney. Sorry, you can't buy a copy in North America.) It was not your typical photo shoot, it involved going up to people she thought looked cool and getting them to run to the nearby convenience store with her, to take an 'urban' looking shot of them doing something, um, convenient? urban? When we were going home, around 2 am, she got Mike and I to go into a 7-11 and she got shots of both of us. I'm standing in front of an open drink fridge, holding two 500-ml cartons of milk in my left hand, which are hot pink and blue..they go well with my hot pink tank top and blue choker. Looking, um, as urban as I can. Mike's shot was more dynamic, I think he was at the cheese fridge moving forward.

Anyway. This might be the beginning of my career as a fashion model! Then again, it might not...

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