Sunday, February 29, 2004


One extra day every four years, and this is how I spent it: in my sarong (recently found) in a house by myself, listening to music loud (the lady next door who waters her garden with a rum in her hand while her little dog barks is probably annoyed by my mix of soul music and celtic tunes) and slowly emailing long emails to people who deserve them, like Grandmaman, Granny and Grandpa, Dad, Eric and Joe, Janice, Elizabeth. Also researching things like WWOOF Australia, how to get my taxes back, where I will go to uni, flying to New Zealand (even though I don't want to support Richard Branson and his evil corporation, they do have cheap flights), and the poetry of Adrienne Rich.

Friday night was party-spent, a girl named Claire was turning 25 and had a party at the Duck and Swan, a pub, and we all went. After the pub closed we walked to her house, where we chilled til 3 am or so. Claire fetched her feather-boa-jacket for me to wear, at first I felt like a frou-frou drag queen but then I got into it, it looked nice with my hot-pink tank top and black dress pants.

After sleeping in late, I went to Jacky's and we drove in her big SUV to Palm Beach. We spent the avo tanning and swimming, and then drove around looking for Nicole Kidman's house. Then we nearly ran over some skimpily dressed richie-riches on thier way to a party, and then drove home. Made French Onion soup and watched cartoons.

These days I'm doing my best to
(a) live in the moment
(b) get enough sleep
(c) prepare for what comes next
(d) finish that David Suzuki book
(e) save my money (see letter c)
(f) have fun (see letter a)

To finish up this post, here is some pretty graffiti. I think I will go iron some stuff now. That's all, really.

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