Sunday, February 8, 2004

I'm the luckiest

Tony helped me move (again) but this time to 43 Old Canturbury Road, which is in Lewisham. A 20 minute walk to work, and life with Tony, SJ, Badger (the Newfoundlander) and Chloe (the Kelpie). There is a backyard and laundry facilities and my room is just grand, I feel so rich at the moment. I have a queen-sized bed, and a high ceiling, and a fan, and a window that opens, and access to the Internet (fans of this site rejoice!) and.. yeah. A wonderful place to live.

And friends have been supportive and understanding and beautiful and kind a lot lately, rather, my receptiveness to these qualities in them has been higher. My time in Australia is becoming shorter every day, this is more and more apparent. And all of that makes each moment (wherever in the world I happen to be) so precious.

I don't know but.

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