Thursday, February 19, 2004

everyone has the right to love

The goddess of Love must have been visiting San Francisco lately, as she inspired the mayor, Gavin Newsom, to wed hundreds of same-sex couples in spite of imminent court injunctions banning the whole thing. (This article has all the details plus pictures, and I would only be paraphrasing, so click away...)

My uncle Eric, and his partner of 30-some years, Joe, were one of the lucky couples to be granted a ceremony declaring them "spouses for life". Inside City Hall, under the rotunda (where last June I sat on the wide stone railing and looked up up up and then down down down) they were wed by Leslie Katz, a former San Fran supervisor. I'd post photos but I don't know how.

(Long-time readers will remember these were the wonderful people who had me as a houseguest in May of 03, and those who don't can always read the archives to the left there.)

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