Thursday, January 22, 2004

updates from a distant land

I've moved house, I feel like a turtle with her home on her back. My new room has its own door to the outside, which goes out onto a bit of a balcony, and looks out over the back garden. Here there is frangipani, sunflowers, squash, tomatoes, and a big un-named tree with a resident possum.

In two weeks (or however long it takes me to find new tenants) I will move in with Tony and SJ, over is Lewisham, which would make me a scant 20-min walk to work, and living with two friends and two dogs.

Jacky, of course, has found work, is living in Pymble, impersonating an Australian mother, even driving like one! She's liking it well enough, especially liking (a) having a job (b) having a bathtub.

Things have been busy here but I still find time to appreciate the small things, the sudden rainstorms of summer, the clouds with Stephanie, Lilydale Street on the walk to work (and that guy's garden with all the herbs that remind me of my mother). All this will too soon be a memory, and so I am loving and living it all right--now.

Oh and, reading David Suzuki and Holly Dressel's Good News for a Change, I highly recommend it.

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