Friday, January 16, 2004

shameless name-dropping leads to high-flying career

It's a drizzly afternoon, I mean evening, being as its almost 8 PM. Today at work was all about porcelain, glazing it and unloading it in the morning and then loading it all back in for a groovy weekend firing, in the avo. I chipped one of the 10 dinner plates that's going to the DIFFA dinner in New York, perhaps to be supped off of by Ralph Lauren. Well, not anymore, since its broken, but we will replace it. I must say, though, it was all very hairy until Scott figured out we could glaze greenware (unbisqued pots) and then put them straight into the porcelain glaze-fire kiln... and cross our fingers that on Monday we would be pulling, yes, ten white porcelain dinner plates out of kilns numbers 1, 2 and 4!

This is all to say you'll never find a major action motion picture taking place inside a pottery studio. The moments may be tense but the resolutions are kind of a letdown.

Here's some more shameless plugs of my newfound glamour: I glazed a whole bunch of pots that are headed straight to Hugh Jackman's NYC residence. Yes, the very same! For a fee I can even tell you what he's getting...

Ah, the high and fancy life of a potter to the stars... I can still barely pay my rent, but wait til they meet me! Then I'll be on my way...

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