Saturday, January 10, 2004

a confession

"And we will put on stupid paper hats, thinking of those we love across the sea; we’ll bow our heads and count our blessings, and speak not hollow hope for those too many of desolate fortune, knowing that only luck has spared us from their present fate."

Drunk Irishmen walk past the Internet Cafe with no shirts on roaring "Suspect!!" God knows why. I spent the night out in the Suburbs with Sarah, we had a barbie and drank red wine and watched Donnie Darko and slept in. It was a lovely Saturday. Jacky had a job interview and it didn't pan out , that's too bad but she has another Wednesday, and she's going to church tomorrow so that makes her happy.

Since yesterday was Friday, now all the random dirty dishes that were placed around the kitchen are all piled in the sink (the cleaner does it) and now they won't get washed because who's going to take responsibility for a huge pile of dirty dishes they obviously didn't dirty? Well, the author of this little blog has done it in the past out of fury against unwashed dishes, but this time I won't! I'll eat take out if I have to...

Oh the Cafe is closing. I must go. Enjoy the weekend!

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