Monday, November 10, 2003

monday morning, more snow!

and those are the facts.

more facts:

--I am still in my pajamas.
--I am going to pack today.
--I also have to take a walk to the mailbox. If I ever get dressed.
--This is a new blog I discovered/uncovered, and her post makes her sound so much like me I had to link to her. Granted, I know there are hundreds of blogs out there. But I don't care enough to go finding a new one every day.
--It is colder in Antigonish than it is here.
--It is colder in a lot of places than it is here. It is hotter in Australia than it is here. Which is why I will pack nothing warmer than a hoodie. My cblocals hoodie, perhaps.
--Now I am going to exert some willpower.

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