Friday, October 17, 2003

newfoundland, eh wha?

So Catriona and I are off tonight, to take the 23:59 ferry to Newfoundland. We're staying 4 nights on the Rock, hiking and generally causing a ruckus, as we are well able. (She was trained in Scotland, I in Cape Breton and BC.) I've packed, and am wearing as many layers as I can stand, and have some food ready, and my wits sharpened, and have checked the weather forecast (all rain! all right...).

Upon returning, I'm off to Halifax, to see friends there and perhaps take in a Shambhala talk, and who knows what else. Did you know? When I get back from Halifax, it will be only two weeks until I'm leaving to be in Australia. This is too crazy to comprehend. So instead I will go do some things to fill my time, and when it comes time to fly out, I won't even be expecting it.

Elizabeth said: "Leah, if you were to make an application for someone to be your boyfriend, as in you asked 5 questions and wanted an answer from them, 5 things that really mattered to you, and you wanted to know if you were compatible, what would some be?"

Me: a. on what level do you want to effect change in the world?
b. how do you perceive a human moment?
c. do you have a hard time getting out of bed when there's a lover in it?
d. what is your specialty? what is your trade?
e. kiss me

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