Monday, October 27, 2003

if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be in this mess!

So sings Steve*, I do believe**, in my basement. Yes, its so easy to blame others for our states of being, isn't it? I could easily blame my father for my hirsute nature, and my mother for my messed up body (see: Leah's feet, Leah's knees, Leah's back). But I could spend the same amount of energy trying to find the dark chocolate that has just got to be hidden somewhere in my house (and eat it with a spoonful of honey, its one of my new favorite things***), so I think I'll do that instead.

*Yes, I know that Steve (and Eli and Mat, who jam with him) doesn't necessarily espouse this mindset. It is just a punk song, after all. They're all unhappy. Ha ha! Sharp jab in the ribs to Eli, as if you don't get sharply jabbed in the ribs enough. Just kidding, kiddo.

**It could be Eli, too. He does that singing stuff sometimes. Also, it could be Anthony, in an alternate universe.

***Shout out to Janice and her position in one of the last few posts regarding favorites. I will revise that to my New Favorite Thing for The Past Week. Since we're being specific and all.

Anyway. The boys are jamming in the basement (which makes nice noise to hear) and its dark out, and has been since about 5. This time change gets me every time! Especially since I don't get up early enough to appreciate the other changes it incurs. And, I went to the chiropractor today, to get my SI joint* adjusted and some of the soft tissue in my back worked on. (With a machine called a Thumper, which is like if one of those back massagers from Zellars--you know the little knobby things that sort of rabble around on your skin--took steroids.) And now I should go and pack for Halifax, where I will hopefully acquire a backpack from the Army Surplus store, for when I'm in Australia. Also, I want to see as many friends as I can, and maybe turn some strangers into some. And see the damage Hurricane Juan did to the little city the Barenaked Ladies hate, (as if it didn't have enough problems! and then you had to go write a song about it!) but that's not exactly why I'm going there.

*Sacroiliac; its at the hip.

Did you know that the Iceman they found a few years ago had a bunch of tattoos on him? Oh yeah, you did? Well, did you know that they corresponded to acupuncture pressure points? No? And how about this: scientists checked out his skeletal structure and found that there was damage to it, from something that happened to him while he was alive (I can't elaborate, I'm no expert), and they checked with acupuncture specialists and found that the pressure points he was (possibly) treating with acupuncture would have been the ones to relieve pain from the places where his damage was. I know that all sounds vague. If you're interested, here's more.

Let's all petition Claire to make comments on her blog so we can all tell her how wonderful she is.

Or we could petition Eli to make his own weblog. Because no matter how boring our lives are, there are still people who like to hear about us... Right, everyone?

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