Tuesday, August 5, 2003

still life with tea

it's just turned 7 am. i'm not awake enough yet to use caps. in fifteen minutes i will get on my bike and do the regular run down the hill, across the bridge, and up another hill, but this morning my destination is not the old schoolhouse filled with pottery but the aging community hall next door. today is election day in nova scotia, and three leaders (Darrell Dexter, John Hamm, and Danny Graham, in order of my preference) face off. i will be a poll clerk, meaning i will sit at the poll and explain some things to each voter, while the DRO does some other stuff. i'm not too sure yet what these things and stuff are, as geordie and i were late to the training (we didn't realize we had to go all the way in the back of the fire hall, past all the trucks and the posters from the seventies about potential fire traps), but i think it should be pretty simple. tonight we'll either have a new premier or we won't. there's an 80% chance that no matter who we get, nothing will change.

in other news, tonight it is supposed to rain. youpee! however, continuing the pessimistic theme of this post, even if it rains buckets, our little three-foot well is probably not going to get much accumulation, and even if it does, it will only make it feasable to run water from the tap again for about a day. then, back to hauling buckets from finlay's.

back to my life. mmm, tea.

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