Wednesday, August 13, 2003

now know this

It rained straight for a week (or so it seemed) and our three-foot crock and the run-off crock filled up. Hurray! And what else: I had two days off and spent them with my mother, who is one of my best friends, and we road-tripped to Antigonish for old haunts, health food store, and dinner with friends. I went to B2G again, my old favorite from when I was at St. FX University every weekend, last fall, visiting the one and only Morgan Currie. (I had lots of time on my hands from when he was in class, so I would go there, and sit for hours nursing a Spicy Hot Chocolate or a Just Us free-trade coffee, writing and watching people. Then I'd walk around the breezy, fall-colored small-town streets of Antigonish, usually stopping at the health food store for something, before returning to the dust-smelling hallways of his residence, where most of the neighbours were friendly. I knew that I was leaving in a month (and time kept running out, like it does) so each moment was genuinely enjoyed, and then October 25th came and I really did leave, and all that became the past.) When I went there yesterday, I had my usual, a sandwich with hummus, cream cheese, sprouts, hot peppers and tomatoes, and felt like the whole winter hadn't happened. And then I went to the health food store! and roamed the bulk aisles and stuck my nose right in the cardamom pot.

Indeed. So what else is new...some things are ending (I will not, as it happens, have free honey for the rest of my days) and some are beginning (I'm doing more, much more, research into the rest of this year and the one after)...the play will keep me busy, and so will my job and all those 'friends' who are leaving for uni at the end of the month...come to the ghetto for the time of your lives! say I. At least, before you go off to books and residences and all the rest of that foolishness...

And if I don't have time for you right now, know that I love you anyway.

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