Friday, August 29, 2003

"the new shim sham shimmy"

There's been this hunger in me all day. At first, in the sunny morning, it was a hunger to feel settled and happy (the pleased neutral I usually am, and how lucky I am to be so), and after sitting by the window, listening to CBC and writing in my journal, it came back. It was a slow, long day in the pottery shop, I hand-built a few little pots, and was visited by the hugging horde that was Jacky, Carolyn, Kelly, Ardelle, and Davey T. And then, after eating supper with Janice (couscous and a tomato+broccoli+chickpeas mix), we went for a walk, but all that was on my mind was food. I wanted something, anything, easy to make, that wouldn't entail washing dishes, or baking time, or getting mixed up at all with those manky dishrags. I wanted something thick, and cake-y, and chocolate-y, and made in a Bundt pan (which we don't have). I wanted convenience, and substance, and warmth.

So, after visiting the Twin Falls (where the water rushes in together from ten different waterfalls and looks thick as brown sugar melting into syrup) Janice and I drove to Piper's. Yes, the very same campground where there are strung up between every trailer boxy little colored lamps. We strolled along the gravel road eating our ice cream cones and letting the blue, green, red, yellow lights fall on us, on the grass around; and we listened to the pop and crackle of all the little fire pits. After the ice cream I devoured a Caramilk bar. This might just be PMS, but would that be too blatant to say?

I think this little trip satisfied two parts of me: the part that wanted chocolate and sugar (she shows up every month), and the part that wanted something she didn't have to work for, something she could unwrap, something she didn't have to wash up after.

Yes, sometimes I'm a wuss at being an adult.

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