Saturday, May 31, 2003

Let me tell you what I did today: extracted honey. With Thora, cut the caps off honeycomb with bread knives, then put four pieces of hive at a time into the old rickety extractor, and spun, one of us sitting with our legs straddling the garbage-can-exterior, and one of us spinning the handle. Other parts of the job: straining honey out of the container, pouring honey into jars, mushing up honeycomb bits with residual honey, getting incredibly sticky over every part of us, including our faces because we gave ourselves facials. Einar was around too and helped with a large part of it, which makes sense because he's the expert, but it was Thora and I who were walking, talking honey girls.

New Hampshire is filled with lilacs, and rain and beautiful trees, and old houses and farms. All of the kitchens I've so far seen are the kind I love: old wooden shelves packed with jars of dried goods, lovely ceramics and silverware, and of course great women to have conversations with as we prepare food. I'm having a great time in and around Wilton, although I'm nearly always completely confused about which direction we're driving's all pretty much the same level and there are so many backroads and shortcuts...

To Claire, and Mum and Granny and Grandpa and Ben and Sarah and all the rest of you: if you're reading this, I will email you as soon as I have more time, as it is I'm about to go off to a clothes swap, which I gather is a bunch of girls sitting around drinking red wine and sharing clothes. Sounds like my normal life. Anyway. Soon you will all get wonderful personal emails, but not right yet, but rest assured I'm having an amazing time here and we'll be in touch soon.

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