Thursday, May 22, 2003

You're the Boss, Apple Sauce

This place has been like the WWOOF Sampler. Yesterday I helped to deshingle a roof, and today I played gardener, and all three days I've been cook of some sort and dishwasher too. I've never cooked for 8 before, and I've also never made risotto, but apparently my version of it last night was a hit with everyone. Tonight my contribution was the eggless gingerbread, which I must say was pretty damn good. And we stay in that little cabin and we get up at 6 am, and walk in the morning chill by the lake to the big house, where coffee awaits.

It's funny how things change, and how our circumstances change us, often without our permission or desire. Leaving BC I debated and debated whether or not it was the right thing to do, and now after being away from it and becoming used to new places I become new as well. I didn't want this to happen, before, but now it has and I don't think there's much I can do about it. Which is to say, I'm accepting things as they are.

Besides the title (which came via Uncle Simon, ever wise and sage), this is some other advice I got from family today. These words belong to my mother:

"Really, in retrospect, it doesn't matter how our lives are long as they are felt and embedded deep into our bones. Saddest part would be if happenings in our lives didn't leave any imprints. This brings to mind striations and mounds left by glaciers and become part of the landscape 10,000 years later. We weren't there but we see it now. "

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