Monday, March 10, 2003

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow. And it did. And now it's raining, or at least warm and windy. Someone at work today was talking about how they were practicing to kite-ski (which is a cross between wind-surfing and snowboarding, and you do it on a lake usually). Back in January when the days were cold and the sun shone and there was lots of good wind, I would drive past Green Lake and see the kiters out there, with their neon pink and orange sails, looping around on the white of the lake ice. It looked effortless, but then things always do when done by people who are good at them. Anyway. This guy was practicing on a big snowy field and said it was well hard.

So Whistler got dumped on. Yesterday, it was nice to see snow falling outside the Shakie's windows, all day long instead of in random bits. After work I got groceries at Nesters ("where the locals shop") and as I was walking to the bus stop with my bags, I had my pea coat open so the fat flakes could fall all over me, all over my red turtleneck sweater, and my new hair. It wasn't bitterly cold, just perfect. Then later, at night, Sarah and I walked through Emerald to get to the writer's group, and everything was still and snow-covered, and in between the trees came the golden color of other people's windows.

Today a customer (one I don't even recognize, no less) said to me, "You cut your hair, chin-length, it looks good" and I went "Yeah, yeah I did" and served him his pie and didn't say anything else about it even though I was thinking, "Who are you?"

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