Friday, March 7, 2003

My yogurt didn't yogurt very well. It turned into sour cheese-smelling watery milk in a hot jar, and most likely said jar was too hot, which is why said yogurt turned out the way it did. Oh well. Give 'er another go? Maybe I will.

I went for a walk today before my haircut. It's only minus 8 in the village but it feels much colder with the wind and the sun gleaming off everything. I walked down to the Lost Lake Trailhead and then back up the other side of Fitzsimmons Creek and took some pictures of the partially-covered graffiti of the skate park. This is also where I did a dumb thing: I leaned up a ramp to wipe off some snow and slipped and cracked my knee--hard--on the concrete ramp. I hopped around for a bit, alone, letting out a stream of expletives like nobody's business, and then felt sick to my stomach, and then regained some sense and sat down and pressed cold snow to it. After a bit I could walk on it, and I laughed and said to no-one in particular, "Well, at least I'm going to get that shot', and did. Then I hobbled to the library and read about Singing Pass trail and Phish.

I mean I really cut my hair off. It's now about chin-length (longer when wet) and layered and as of now, clean and so very light and swingy. I have that constant need to touch it, to feel my hand run out of hair long before I expect it to.

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