Friday, March 28, 2003

I'm really woozy. I drank red and white wine tonight and 'got to know' someone new. Don't want the details? Fine, I wasn't going to give them to you anyway.

Norah Jones is in my head. I got an early birthday box from my Mum; I polished off the House of Brussels chocolates within 24 hours. They were hedgehogs! They were truffels! How could I not...

I'm also thinking lots about the games people play; more specifically, the ones that men and women play. How possible it is to play certain games, relationship-wise, when you only click intellectually, or sexually, or both: and why would you want to play games when you're supposed to like them lots and lots? Thereby proving that most modern relationships aren't about strong desire at all, they're about 'getting to know' someone, or whatever. Playing the field. Let's all stop pretending. Remember Bushnell, "Better alone than badly accompanied." But also be willing to take a chance. And screw what your friends think, but not always.

Enough relationship gibberish. More sleep.

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