Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Janice: "...what a glorious day it is. Really snowy out, the kind that blocks your vision, and your senses, until you start to suspect that there is no world... I think that on some level I really like that feeling, that there is just the cold air and the tickle on my face, and the glowing white light that seeps into your soul. It is very magical."

Happy birthday to Janice. In New Brunswick, at St. Thomas U, thousands (thousands! what a big word) of k's away, realizing her dream of getting birthday cake all over her hands and face.

There are three drinks that mention my name. They are: Hurricane Leah (gin, white rum, tequila, vodka, Blue Curacao, cherry brandy and orange juice), Leah's Last Hope (Kahlua, vodka and chocolate milk) and Leah's Last Hope #2 (Kahlua, vodka, amaretto and chocolate milk). When I found this out last night I was tickled very pink. Now to combine one of these with some other drinks to create a whole new one....maybe Leah's Screaming Orgasm or Sex with Leah on the Beach..? Leah in a '57 Chevy?

Mission to readers--order the Leah drinks next time you're out at a bar. (The real ones, that is. Or feel free to make up new ones.)

I keep wondering--what's the story behind them? Who was the Leah that the bartender was thinking of when he made up the first Hurricane Leah? Or Leah's Last Hope? One thing I know, they all sound good.

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