Sunday, December 29, 2002

The Sidebar, Part I (or, the Shout Outs)

Shout out to Tamrissa (she's Thinking Out Loud, for all my faithful readers) for giving me a mention on her blog. Whee! It's nice to see your name as a hyperlink. I don't know too much about her (yet--bwa ha ha) but I like her stuff. All the sites in my sidebar are sites that I go to often. I will add new ones as they add themselves to my life. Starting at the top and working our way down we have:

--Bluishorange. The first blog I ever read! Yay Alison. Still the best, in my opinion.

--Wockerjabby Apparently a friend of Alison's, Rabi is good too. (Both of these I sort of happened upon. I don't actually know these people. This is not an endorsement.)

--Free Will Astrology. Updated every Thursday. These horoscopes are the bomb. (This is also how I describe tofu rolls to customers at work. No connection.)

--CBLocals. "A website about underground music and skateboarding on Cape Breton Island." Which, incidentally, is where I'm from. Some of my friends are in bands that play shows locally. My brother Mat is in Curry Binge; shout out to him and the rest of the boys. Ha! I also wear a CBlocals hoodie. That isn't an endorsement either, although it seems like it.

--Good news, aka Common Dreams, the Progressive Newswire. News you won't get in the mass media. All at your fingertips. Please explore often.

--Jacky! Another blog, although it's at Free Open Diary and isn't a blog per se. Jacky is someone I know and love from good ol' Cape Breton, and with whom I've spent many great hours laughing, dancing, sidewalk-chalking, talking, and running about. Jacky is a person I'm really glad to know, so I've stuck her on here to give her the recognition she deserves.

--Where I am..well, Whistler. This is the best site I know of for info about here and pictures of the scenery. Please ignore that it's a huge corporation.

--Again, Tamrissa. (Please see above.) I let my mouse lead me astray to her site and was not disappointed. She seems (from what little I've read of her) to be a wise and sane individual, and I look forward to visiting her site lots in the future.

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