Sunday, December 29, 2002

I actually shovelled today. Remember the other day when I said I might go out and shovel? Well, I didn't. Big surprise there. I stayed in my PJs, until 4, when I went over to Brio to see Will (who I missed! I hadn't seen him in 3 or 4 days) and had such a great Christmas night. It's been such an experience so far, the Xmas holidays here. First off, it's completely different since I'm so far from Nova Scotia, and family and all those comforting things. And then there's the whole being-on-my-own-at-18 thing--pretty damn nuts, whenever I sit down and think about it. Having my own flat to decorate. Anyway, Xmas was just lovely. Thanks to all of Will's room-mates for sharing in the dinner, drinks, and dope, and then the best part of all--the hot tub outside on the deck, with the snow coming down all around. I was tickled pink. As well, this whole contrast of a hot tub and cold snow is new to me; I've decided I like it. I hope I get many more opportunities to indulge.

But I did go up and intrude on the Mask viewing--it's a must to sit in PJs in front of a movie you love on a lazy Christmas day.

I love this: when I switched my date language to French, it apparently switched the word Comments to French too, so now it says Poseurs. Don't be afraid! You aren't really a poseur if you comment here. (Or shall I say, if you pose here?) I won't judge you. As well, it switches the date to French, but it doesn't use proper French set-up for the date. It should read samedi, le 28 decembre ... I'm just being picky. Heh.

Work is good, mostly because, oddly enough, my feet and my old-lady-bunions don't ache uncontrollably after each shift. Then again, it makes sense, since I don't walk around as much as when I was a waitress. And I'm striking the right balance between work, sleep, play and downtime, which is really important for me. I figure this is all good practice for when I'm in uni. But then, everything is good practice for later on in some way, isn't it?

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