Saturday, June 25, 2011


1. Blogging from bed on a Saturday morning on boyfriend's MacBook while boyfriend sleeps beside me.

2. Discovering a new blog that makes me really inspired and happy. (Not that there is a shortage of blogs in the world - but I don't really go looking for new blogs, I let them find me. And this one did.) It's called A Beautiful Mess - you may already have heard of it since she seems pretty popular, but if not check it out. It's a girl named Elsie who lives in Springfield, Missouri, and runs a little vintage clothing/stuff shop called Red Velvet. She posts a lot - at least daily, if not more - and has lots of photos of her adventures in dressing, designing, running a shop, etc. Recently she got married to her sweetheart - those pictures are pretty sweet!

3. Reading blogs on the MacBook. Why does everything look so much better on here? Also, why doesn't every computer have the two finger scroll function? Lame.

4. Vintage - reading that blog really makes me want to go thrift shopping.

5. Getting rid of stuff and how that makes me feel - pared back, more appreciative of what I've got around me. I get addicted to it and want to do it all day and all night until I've gone through all my belongings (I have quite a bit of stuff!). Shannon Leith recently did this too and she says,

"i think the coolest part is actually having things surrounding me that are meaningful.
getting the filler-stuff out of there: the stuff i never use and am never going to touch.
i now have only what i care about.
it feels so refreshing."

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