Friday, February 25, 2011

why i love this place

My brother making sushi out of avocado, fried potatoes, smoked salmon, sliced ginger, tuna mix, and lots of other goodies. I like how his hands frame the roll in the making.

The back of some buildings along Main Street in Baddeck. Icicles dripping off the eaves.

The fire exit on the side of the Highwheeler Cafe.

A grocery list I found in a grocery cart at the Co-Op. I love finding random grocery lists, especially ones where the person had "Coffee for me :) " on it. Self-indulgence is good.

This shot reminds me of Shannon Leith. I gotta say, she's really inspiring me these days.

I took a walk along the highway, while house-sitting at my friend's place. I like this one because you can't see what's on the road sign, and I also like the man-made, uniform metal sign contrasts with the spiny, wild bushiness of the tree. Both stand by the road.

Mailboxes just do something for me. I dunno, they just do.

The Red Barn is a monument, a landmark. In the winter the property is snowed over while the Highlands, in the background, rest and wait for snow melt and summer tourists.

Plants that I looked at while doing the dishes, here while house-sitting.

More plants. More dishes.

I really like these lights that hang in part of the house, a curtain of stars.

The kitty I am here to take care of. I like how her shadow is also watching the toy.

Coronation Street! Finally, after a year away from it, I'm able to watch this show again. It's like seeing old friends, seeing these actors on screen again.

I love this place because of so many things: light, photographs, friends, love, nature, ice, snow, plants, cats, my job that I love, yoga, stars at night. I could go on and on: when I'm feeling it, really feeling how special it is here, everything I see is part of that love.

Driving to yoga last night, I passed the ice fishermen, which I do every day. I've always wanted to take their picture, especially as day fades to night, because their tents start to light up and look like warm lanterns against the chill.

Last night I stopped, pulled over to the side of the road, and left my car on, with the turn signal blinking (it's a busy highway, after all). I walked over to where I could take a good shot. There was a man there, also taking pictures. We shot by ourselves for a few minutes, then I went over to him and asked to see his shots. Turned out he was from PEI, just driving through, but came originally from Quebec. We spoke in French about the place where my mother is from, and about the large boats that he pilots through the Arctic ice to make his living, while the ice fishermen continued their fishing, and the light faded to night.

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